Price Options

Our pricing menu is designed with the 3 ‘C’s in mind because when attending counselling, Commitment, Consistency and Continuity create change that is both meaningful and lasting.

Sessions are available ‘in room’ in Northcote, and also online. A combination of ‘in room’ and ‘online’ might be what suits you best.

Either way, I am happy to work with you to create an arrangement that is most supportive of your circumstances, both financial and lifestyle wise.

‘In room’ in Northcote, Victoria

60 minute session $120

Let’s meet in the room at the Hartington Centre if it’s geographically convenient for you.

‘Online’ via video call

Free Half session (one 30 minute introductory session)

“And what brings you to counselling at this point?” Allows you to have a taster of how counselling can bring you to your best, discuss some therapeutic goals, ask some questions, and we get to test the wifi!

Lets get acquainted: Three session trial over 3 weeks (60 minutes each) $210

Get a feel for it with this block of 3 sessions, used over 3 consecutive weeks. This is especially good if it is your first time in counselling. If it’s not your first time then it may help you decide if you and your Counselling Companion are a good fit, if you were unsure from your Free Half Session.

Counselling Companion Subscription

These two subscription options are designed to give the therapeutic relationship some momentum. This allows the benefits to get a real foothold in your life and gives you the very best chance to flourish.

– Weekly for 3 months at a time $70 per 60 minute session

– Fortnightly for 3 months at a time $75 per 60 minute session

One session at a time $90 per 60 minute session

Grab a session when you need it the most. This is suitable for maintenance once the therapeutic relationship has been established. It is highly recommended to start with a subscription first.