Yin Style Counselling

A Melbourne-based Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

For Couples and Individuals


Yin Style Counselling offers you a Holistic and Integrative approach to your mental health, emotional wellbeing and personal development, by helping you to connect and anchor into the wisdom and strength you already have within you.

This applies to therapeutic work with you as an individual; or you the couple, the important and intimate relationship that is shared.

At Yin Style Counselling you are met with an understanding that comes from personal experience of what it’s like to be committed to your inner healing journey.

Why Yin Style Counselling?

Yin and Yang is the symbol derived from Ancient Chinese philosophy and reminds us of balance and equality. Two seemingly opposing forces come together in union and harmony. Neither is good nor bad, however there is a perception that the internal focus of Yin is not of much value compared to the external focus of Yang.

I would like to put it that Yang can be of more meaningful value when nourished with Yin. Yin Style Counselling can help you create balance in a predominantly externally focused world, by accessing this nourishment from within. The flow on of this is that you can then be in the world in a more fulfilling, or self-full way.

In Yin Style Counselling you are orientating and rooting yourself down to what is true from within you. This way you begin to turn up in your life, in your projects and in your relationships as authentically You. Courage is developed to let yourself be seen just as you are and deeper more meaningful relationships are then allowed to flourish. Anxiety lowers and depression begins to shift.

Yin Style Counselling supports you in your relationship to your inner feeling world, where you can access all the juice you need for your life.

Allison Ross

I am a qualified and experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I work with individuals and couples bringing a treasure trove of tools to share from my extensive training and my own inner work.

I believe the most important offering I bring is my presence, a skill I have honed through my own practices over many years and the many hours holding space for my clients.

I see myself as your companion offering you continuity in care and consistency of contact to create a therapeutic relationship that is uniquely tailored to you.

It’s a little bit like having someone walk beside you and really see what it’s like to be you; to truly be held in unconditional positive regard, no matter what; to feel understood.


Contact me to book your free introductory half session.

Journey Begins

A process of getting grounded begins when you and I, as your therapist, first connect with the intention of building a safe and stable place for you to do your inner work that will then build that safe and stable place within you; and within your couple.

We come together online and whilst you may have experienced connecting with others online socially and for work purposes, something different is taking place when we meet online for therapy. Therapy becomes a practice much like the many other helpful activities that are in place for your health and wellbeing and because it takes place in your home, the therapeutic benefits from our time together goes beyond the hour and blends seamlessly into your daily life.

I am not able to promise you a quick fix. However I can provide you with tools to create a deep fix that lasts. I will provide you with the help to cultivate all the self-compassion, patience and self-acceptance you need to live your life on your terms and on equal terms to the ones who matter most to you… this takes time. So, let’s get started!