Yin Style Counselling

Holistic and Integrative Counselling for Couples and Individuals

Delivered Online or In-Person in Thornbury and Heidelberg Heights, Victoria  

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Counselling can help you to listen to your feelings, trust your inner guidance and create healing from the inside out.

Yin Style Counselling offers you a Holistic and Integrative approach to your mental health, emotional wellbeing and personal development, by helping you to connect and anchor into the wisdom and strength you already have within you.

For Individuals and Couples.

At Yin Style Counselling you are met with genuine empathy from a qualified counsellor who understands just what it’s like to be committed to inner work.

Allison’s training is extensive and includes specialist training in Couple Counselling. More here.

Attention is given to providing you with continuity in care and consitency of connection, so that you feel companioned in your inner healing journey.

Are you looking for counselling that helps you to:

  • explore and get to know yourself a little deeper?
  • build trust within yourself and your important relationships?
  • adopt a self-care practice that develops you emotionally?
  • get intouch with what it is you truly desire for yourself?
  • go to the source of what triggers you?
  • find compassion for yourself and your story?
  • be companioned and witnessed just as you are?
  • feel supported to be authentically you?
  • develop the capacity to be with difficult feelings and emotions?
  • feel gently challenged to move you to your learning edge?
  • express your boundaries effectively?