Strengthening you from the inside out.

Yin Style Counselling is a Melbourne-based counselling and psychotherapy service that is both integrative and holistic. We truly understand what it’s like to be committed to your inner healing journey. The practitioners not only draw on a wealth of knowledge that comes from various professional trainings, but also on a treasure trove of lived experience in their own personal healing stories.

We believe that continuity in care and consistency of contact with a counsellor creates an extraordinary therapeutic relationship that is not available in any other context. It’s a little bit like having someone walk beside you and really see what it’s like to be you; to truly be held in unconditional positive regard, no matter what; to feel understood.

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Connection heals because we simultaneously create a connection to ourselves. As the saying goes: “We are wounded in relationship and so in relationship we will heal.” When a counsellor companions you on your inner healing journey, you become a more skilled companion to your inner Being in all its manifestations, with all its tenderness, moods, needs and emotions. It’s the ultimate in self-care practice because being witnessed helps you to externalise and make solid what it is you are creating internally.

We understand that you lead a full life and that personal and emotional development is likely to be something you’ve been meaning to do for a while. So, we want to work with you and create as much ease as possible. With this in mind, we have a variety of pricing levels to suit your commitment and offer both online or in room sessions, or a combination of both.

We are not promising you a quick fix. However we can provide you with tools to create a deep fix that lasts. We will help you to cultivate all the self-compassion, patience and self-acceptance you need to live your life on your terms and on equal terms to the ones who matter most to you… this takes time. So, let’s get started!


Companion Counselling for your Inner Journey

Going within allows access to your very own medicine and the deeper wisdom and guidance you need for your life.

How are you feeling inside your body right now?

Is it time to come into stillness, to notice what’s going on? Is it time to reconnect with yourself, your needs, your desires, your emotions?

When we go within, we are cultivating our relationship to ourselves. Anxiety lowers as we find space from our thinking, analysing mind. We attend to what feels stuck and we soften to allow our emotions to move and be released.

When this is done with a Counselling Companion, something very special is present. There is ease and safety.

It’s a very gentle and gradual approach to counselling and you get to set the pace.