Individual  Counselling

Companioning you on your journey of self-discovery

Let’s check in and see how you are going.

It’s not always easy to be with ourselves when so much is going on around us and inside of us.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and helpless in the face of big feelings.

Other times all we can do is shutdown and numb. Both of these responses are a natural and intrinsic part of the human experience.

However, we can get stuck in these responses and that is where help from counselling comes into play.

Inner Work

Your counselling session is a moment you take for yourself to attend to what is present.

It is a concentrated and focused form of self-care because you get the opportunity to show up just as you are and be received and witnessed just as you are.

Gradually your sessions become a place of rest and whilst it is called Inner Work, most of the work is in the allowing of your unravelling, an unlearning of old ways of being to reveal what is true.

When you go within to do your inner work, you are cultivating your relationship to yourself.

Anxiety lowers as you find space from your thinking, analysing mind. We attend to what feels stuck and there is a softening to allow emotions to move and be released.

Going within via the felt sense of the body, allows you to gain access to your very own medicine and the deeper wisdom and guidance you need for your life.

Counselling provides you with a sense of being held in safety, and the therapeutic relationship that is built, an anchor, as you explore new possibilities.

How are you feeling inside

your body right now?

Is it time to come into stillness,
to notice what’s going on?

Is it time to reconnect with yourself, your needs, your desires, your emotions?