Couples Counselling

Therapy for your most important relationship

Renew & Strengthen

Bringing your couple relationship into therapy is an opportunity to work through difficult core issues in a way that invites a renewal and strengthening of your couple.

Couples go through many evolutions of growth and the places where a couple are challenged the most are the places of the greatest evolution.

Coming to couples therapy helps each partner arrive at a meeting place where growth is possible.

New Paths

Be kind to yourselves and each other for not yet having the answers.

The feeling of ‘not knowing’ may feel uncomfortable, however it does not mean you are ‘failing’.

You are discovering new ways and learning how to do relationship better, and this makes you a learner just like any other time you have been a learner pursuing new endeavours.

It is okay that you don’t know how just yet, that is a part of the therapeutic journey that you are embarking on together, to move from a place of not knowing to one of finding your way together.

The path you are to take is as unique as the couple you are. And whilst you may come to therapy with measuring sticks of comparison from the many relationship models that you have both been exposed to, therapy is an opportunity to gather confidence and anchor into a secure foundation of what your relationship is, based on the deeper desires of two hearts in conversation.

Finding a secure base

Each counselling session is an opportunity to settle into our seats, take a big grounding breath and attune to all that is moving both within you and between you.

Together we will create a safe space to give voice to what is internal, to recognise the strengths you bring and share, to build on internal resources to expand your emotional capacity and to explore options to respond differently to one another from a place of inner security.

Believe it or not, therapy with your partner can be a source of inspiration, delight and even fun!

And from Alain de Botton:

“Love is something we have to learn and we can make progress with, and that it’s a skill. And it requires forbearance, generosity, imagination, and a million things besides.

The course of true love is rocky and bumpy at the best of times, and the more generous we can be towards that flawed humanity, the better chance we’ll have of doing the true hard work of love.”