Why Yin Style Counselling?

Yin and Yang reminds us of balance and of equality. Two seemingly opposing forces come together in union and harmony. Neither is good nor bad, however there is a perception that the internal focus of Yin is not of much value compared to the external focus of Yang.

I would like to put it that Yang can be of more meaningful value when nourished with Yin. Yin Style Counselling can help you create balance in a predominantly externally focused world, by accessing this nourishment from within. The flow on of this is that you can then be in the world in a more fulfilling, or self-full way.

In Yin Style Counselling you are orientating and rooting yourself down to what is true from within you. This way you begin to turn up in your life, in your projects and in your relationships authentically You. Courage is developed to let ourselves be seen just as we are and deeper, more meaningful relationships are then allowed to flourish. Anxiety lowers and depression begins to shift.

Yin Style Counselling supports you in your relationship to your inner feeling world, where you can access all the juice you need for your life.


I invite you right now to feel into what comes to you from within, when you say the word Yin.

What comes for me are the words, nurturing mother energy, slowing down, checking in, rest and restore, healing and calming.

Some may consider that counselling is only necessary when there is something wrong with us and we need to get it fixed. I would like to offer that counselling is something to engage in because we deserve to be supported and companioned in this adventure of being human. If we are living a human life then we are going to experience the pain of loss and relationship wounding. Counselling is an opportunity you give to yourself to develop the tools and the self-compassion needed to not only make your own meaning of it, but also to allow it to transform you into the best version of yourself.

We are learning to be with our feelings in a skilful way creating not a quick fix, but a deep fix that is lasting.